“74% of patients maintained their improvement in heart disease symptoms seven years after completing treatment, and were four times less likely to suffer a cardiac death eight years after receiving EECP than with heart patients treated with medication alone.”

Dr. Debra Braverman, Director of EECP Cardiology, Einstein Medical Network

EECP is a commonplace abbreviation for “Enhanced External Counter Pulsation” therapy.  It is a irrefutablly common-sense treatment for circulatory-affected body functions (virtually everything)  that was developed at Harvard University decades ago, and was then inadvertently, or perhaps deliberately, ignored

As EECP emerged in North America, the Industrial Medical Complex embraced the lucrative surgical/pharmaceutical approach to circulatory system treatment.

Over the ensuing decades, the EECP treatment model was embraced by Japan, China and India, where leaps in computization, and reliance on self-funded medical care made this low-cost, effective, non-surgical, treatment the obvious choice for hundreds of thousands, if not millions, of patients.  It is reported that, in China, EECP outstrips heart surgery as the number one treatment for heart disease and related conditions.

People in Canada and the US, largely new to EECP, might think the treatment seems almost “too good to be true”; never informed of limited and large particpation clinical and empirical studies demonstrating EECP safety and proven worth to reverse heart disease, and other common conditions.

As a result of the mountain of global medical evidence, the US FDA (Federal Drug Administration), over the decades, has been steadily approving the use of Enhanced External Counter Pulsation for ever-increasing medical treatment.

EECP is now approved for patients of failed by-pass surgery, because a surgical by-pass procedure does not allow a second attempt.

EECP is embraced by North Americans first ‘sold’ on brutally-invasive surgical procedures, however, patients learn they are unable to qualify because their bodies are too debilitated and unlikely to survive surgery.  Truly a stroke of good luck – they are saved from the ‘knife’, the prescriptions, and the pain.

Ironically, EECP is recommended (as a second choice) because the treatment is safe for the frailest patients, when only the most-expensive solution is out of the question, even though US medical insurance companies fund this treatment.


Congestive Heart Failure
Heart Disease
Erectile Dysfunction
Heart Failure
Peripheral Vascular Disease
Life Enhancement
Weight Loss
Kidney Disease
Restless Leg Syndrome
Leg Pain
Chest Pain
Shortness of Breath
Coronary Artery Disease (CAD)
Hight Blood Pressure
Chronic Fatigue
Energy Boost
Mental Acuity
Dr. Philip Balcaen began his naturopathic career with medical training at the University of Waterloo Health Sciences; graduating with honors.

Seeking more, he attended the Canadian College of Naturopathic Medicine in Toronto, Ontario graduating in 1998 with distinguished awards for contributions to the profession and excelling at diagnostic skills.

Dr. Balcaen taught courses at CCNM and other institutions  such as the Humber College Botanical Medicine Program, Toronto School of Homeopathy, University of Toronto School of Pharmacy.

Dr. Balcaen has been practicing as a Naturopathic Doctor in Chilliwack since 2000 and is board certified in chelation therapy and prolotherapy. Enhanced External Counter Pulsation has been a long-time interest of Dr. Balcaen, and he was encouraged to expand his practice to include Enhanced External Counter Pulsation after consultation with Western Canada’s leading Enhanced External Counter Pulsation clinic in Kamloops, BC.

The Sardis Naturopathic Medical Clinic strives to provide service and care so you feel you are treated with respect, integrity in a professional environment with the benefit of knowledgeable staff, doctors and therapists.

iWhat to Expect

  • Depending upon the individual, a treatment schedule 1 to 2 sessions per day, and 4 or 5 days per week.
  • Wear comfortable, loose-fitting clothing, and socks to keep your feet warm.
  • Bring a book, magazine, and a positive outlook – this will be fun.
  • If you’re ‘electronically-inclined’, bring your smart phone, or DVD player, or settle-in to watch some daytime TV.

Your session will be supervised by a staff assistant, in your own private room.

Sessions occur on weekdays, with weekends set aside for a break; Saturday sessions are available (beyond weekly fees) for accelerated/enhanced results.

FIRST, a prospective patient is invited to a free one-on-one question/answer session with Dr. Balcaen.  In that session, if you pass basic medical qualification, you will be able to familiarize yourself with the EECP equipment, and experience the sensation of the therapy process.

SECOND, if you wish to proceed to EECP therapy, Dr. Balcaen will schedule follow-up, in-depth assessment and further consultation; a comprehensive plan will be developed, and possibly further testing/analysis to help you derive the maximum benefit from your therapy with Dr. Balcaen.  Hourly fees apply to this phase of pre-therapy EECP planning, and in some cases, discounts may apply for prepaid EECP therapeutic service contracts.

THIRD, once an EECP plan is established, and you and Dr. Balcaen agree on the best course of EECP (and augmented therapies, diet, exercise, etc.) along with your mutual commitment to better health, 35 sessions are scheduled, as well as interim consultative sessions and follow-up consultations.  An estimate of fees is determined, and a payment plan is arranged to suit your needs.

FINALLY, and there isn’t truly a “finally” on life-enhancing results, because your health is a lifetime commitment from both Dr. Balcaen and yourself…An after-therapy-course consultation determines your ongoing self-care, and scheduled follow-up visits, or telephone meetings at appropriate intervals for your optimum and sustained, energy, and well-being – FOR LIFE!

Session Fees are $150 per hour – typically 1-hour sessions, plus pre & post session events.  5-day session fees are paid weekly, in advance.

Additional services, consultations, testing/analysis, complimentary care, pre & post session, missed appointments subject to addtional fees.

Print and Video Reports on Enhanced External Counter Pulsation

Google-search: “EECP”, or “ECP” – find a wealth of worldwide information

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