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Long term health solutions ..... Naturally

Healthcare Solutions Naturally...
Focusing on the whole person within a complex environment 

Since 2000, Sardis Naturopathic Medical Clinic has been serving the Fraser Valley and surrounding area for individuals and families in need our experience, skills, expertise, and integrity. As a team of Naturopathic Doctors, we support our patients with acute and chronic healthcare issues. We work in a collaborative manner with other healthcare professionals to ensure optimal patient outcomes. Our clinic, which includes Naturopathic Doctors and valued support staff, works with integrity and respect for every patient or client. 


Core Evaluation 

The First step in our process is to identify the cause of your health concerns. 
As part of your initial 90-minute consultation, we will give you a Core Evaluation which includes: a health assessment, a review of your body's systems, the creation of a personalized plan, and setting personal health goals. A core evaluation is the starting point with almost any health concern, particularly chronic degenerative conditions. A "systems review" of your body is required, which involves consultation, physical exams, and laboratory findings to investigate your body's unique strengths and weaknesses. 
Your immune system, digestive system, nervous system and endocrine system are all interconnected. Simply put, if you have a disfunction in one, it will affect the others. In contrast to just focusing on one symptom, we look for how each of these systems is working. We ask, "Are these systems working optimally, and are they contributing to ongoing health concerns?" Our goal is to identify and address the cause of your health concerns, while managing symptoms, when necessary. 

We address acute or chronic, physical, or psychological health concerns. 

 Our Naturopathic Doctors will fully assess your body's unique strengths and weaknesses to create a personalized treatment plan. Some of the concerns we address most frequently: 

* Allergies 

* Cardiovascular Disease

* Cancer

* Chronic Pain 

* Digestive Health 

* Fatigue 

* Lyme Disease 

* Mental Health 

* Neurological Disease 

* Weight 

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