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What is the connection between why I cannot lose weight, bloating and constipation?

If you have been trying to lose weight for years and have found that you just are not making any progress, you might want to consider the effect of your digestive system. We all know that diet and exercise are crucial factors when it comes to managing weight. Where do you turn when the same strategies do not continue to get the same results or never have really resulted in weight loss.

Surprisingly, the problem may not stem from your behavior as much as it results from the bacteria microbiome in the digestive system. This is reflected by a study in 2016 by the journal Obesity This paper examines pre-diabetic patients on a standard diet with an anti-microbial treatment targeting methane producing bacteria on outcomes such as weight, blood sugar, LDL, and total cholesterol. After 10 days on the treatment, improvements were found not just in weight but also LDL and total cholesterol, the glucose tolerance test as well s bloating and constipation.

This finding is a significant one as it suggests that much of the high rate of obesity and cardiovascular disease of which major risk factors such as being overweight, elevated cholesterol and diabetes are influenced by gut bacteria. As a Clinician and naturopathic doctor, this study similarly reflects what we see daily in clinical practice.

If you have diabetes, cardiovascular disease, elevated cholesterol and find it difficult to lose weight, contact us for an assessment with a personalized initial consult and get started at taking the next steps.

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